Art: The Monetary Value of an Original Painting: Contemporary Art

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

The "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo da Vinci is worth over $100 Million USD. But the value of paintings by "living" artists can be harder to determine -- it largely depends on past sales and artists' notability.

“How much money is ________ painting worth?” If you have purchased an original painting, or perhaps you are considering buying one, you have probably wondered how much money a painting is worth. You’ve probably realized by now that the value of a painting isn’t about whether the painting is “good” vs. “bad”, “realism” vs. “abstract”, etc. So there must be some way to find out the “going rate” of a particular living artist’s paintings, or if the painting in your possession may be of great value. Continue reading


At one time, maps showed a large area as “Oregon Country,” and four different nations all claimed it was theirs. Oregon TrailPrior to 1805, Lewis and Clark were the only ones to explore it — in fact, they walked the entire length of Oregon Country. Oregon Country was the entire area south of Alaska, and to the north of California.

The four nations that originally wanted to claim it was the United States, Spain, England, and Russia. Continue reading

Levi Coffin’s Writing of the Underground Railroad

Levi Coffin was a man who became an important historical figure because of his work in helping runaway slaves to find their freedom.

Levi Coffin

Levi Coffin became known for his help with the "Underground Railroad."

 Fact Frenzy presents the following passage taken directly from the accounts of Levi Coffin, an Ohio Quaker in 1850. He helped slave fugitives escape from the south in a system that was known as the “Underground Railroad.” Continue reading