Fact Frenzy!

Fact Frenzy : Ultimate Trivia TestSee why this book has become the life of the party.

Keep your guests laughing and guessing with Fact Frenzy : Ultimate Trivia Test – the fun trivia book designed to test your fact-frenziness in an entertaining way.

190 multiple-choice questions based on a variety of topics, along with an answer key in the back of the book, will test your smarts — and your humor. Test your brain. Then test your friends’ brains. Then see whose nerd powers prevail.

Fact Frenzy : Ultimate Trivia Test makes a great addition to your coffee table collection. It’s also a great book to keep in your bathroom, classroom, backpack, knapsack, armoires, underwear drawers, libraries, conservatories, lobbies, waiting rooms, birthday bags, Christmas stockings, and more.

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