Facts About Elodea Plants

Facts About Elodea Plants

“Elodea” became a genus of aquatic plants in 1803.

Facts About Elodea Plants

Facts About Elodea Plants

Elodea plants are native to North and South America.

Elodea plants are sometimes referred to as “waterweeds,” or “pond weeds.”

The stems of elodea plants can grow up to 2 feet long. Continue reading

7 Facts About the Moon You Probably Didn’t Know

Facts About the Moon

Eugene Cernan standing on the surface of the moon on December 13, 1972. [Image by NASA]

Fun Facts About the Moon!

1.) A one-way trip to the moon is the same distance as 49 round-trips between New York City and Los Angeles — about 238,900 miles (or, 384,400 kilometers).

2.) Five of the six American flags that astronauts left on the moon are still standing. The one that fell over Continue reading

The Smallest Monkeys in the World

The smallest species of monkey is the marmoset. They weigh only 10-12 ounces (~ 0.3 kilograms), and grow up to a mere 8 inches long (20 centimeters).

Marmosets are native to South America.

Marmosets have also been referenced by William Shakespeare in “Tempest,” Act 2, Scene 2.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight!

Have you ever gone to the zoo and thought, “the lions always seem to be sleeping every time I come here!” That’s because, if you are trying to catch them up and moving around, the odds are  against you. Lions spend 19-20 hours (83%) of each day sleeping.

The Sleepiest Animal is —

Despite its name litetally meaning “lazy,” the sloth is not the laziest animal. Sloths only spend 10 hours of their day sleeping, in the wild. Even squirrels sleep more than sloths — 15 hours a day. The award for the most hours of sleep per day goes to the koala — which have been known to sleep as many as 20-22 hours, or 90% of their day.

Who really invented the internet???

No one person invented the internet. It actually started around 1967, when the United States spent $19,800 to develop a computer network for ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency) called “ARPANET.” ARPA was established in response to Russia taking the lead in technology by its launching of Sputnik in 1957.

Horray for “Hollywoodland?”

The famous “Hollywood” sign in Los Angeles, California actually read “Hollywoodland” when it was built in 1923 as an advertisement for a housing developing business. The sign was only meant to last 18 months. It was rebuilt by the L.A. Parks Department in 1949, because it had drawn so much interest. That is when it was shortened to “Hollywood.”

Longest Living Mammal

The longest living mammal is the human being. However, that is determined to be a worldwide average. Human longevity can vary greatly in each country, depending on health care, education, nutrition, disease, and other factors.

A long popcorn string…

If you wanted to make a string of popcorn that stretched all the way from New York City to Los Angeles, you would need 3940.16 kilometers of string (or 2448.30 miles’ worth), and roughly 352,028,160 popped kernels of popcorn.

Change for a Dollar??

There are 293 possible ways to make change for an American dollar.

Let’s see, you can do it by four quarters, or one hundred pennies, or two quarters and five dimes, or twenty nickels, or….. Nevermind. You can count them yourself, or just take our word for it. There are 293 different combinations for making an American dollar using American coins.

Human blood is never blue.

Despite the anatomy charts that depict veins as red and arteries as blue, human blood itself is never blue inside the body. It will vary in shades of red — brighter red having more oxygen, darker red having less. At very most, living blood can become a reddish-purple, but not blue.


At one time, maps showed a large area as “Oregon Country,” and four different nations all claimed it was theirs. Oregon TrailPrior to 1805, Lewis and Clark were the only ones to explore it — in fact, they walked the entire length of Oregon Country. Oregon Country was the entire area south of Alaska, and to the north of California.

The four nations that originally wanted to claim it was the United States, Spain, England, and Russia.
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Levi Coffin’s Writing of the Underground Railroad

Levi Coffin was a man who became an important historical figure because of his work in helping runaway slaves to find their freedom.

Levi Coffin

Levi Coffin became known for his help with the “Underground Railroad.”

 Fact Frenzy presents the following passage taken directly from the accounts of Levi Coffin, an Ohio Quaker in 1850. He helped slave fugitives escape from the south in a system that was known as the “Underground Railroad.”
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Facts About the Lives of “Mountain Men”

In the time of the “mountain men“, at the beginning of the 19th century,  Lewis and Clarkand other explorers had already explored the West.

Mountain Men

Mountain Men — explorers and fur traders were the ones who unlocked the secrets of the West.

The United States government had already sent these explorers to find out all they can, and to bring the answer to those secrets home. But there was still a lot to be found out about the mountainous West. Continue reading

Why was there a Mexican – American WAR? (PART 2)

<< Mexican – American WAR PART 1 |  Mexican – American WAR PART 2 >>

The United States Congress decided to declare war against Mexico on May 13, 1846. They thought it was necessary in response to Polk’s statement, “American blood has been shed on American soil.”

The Battle of Molino del Rey

The Battle of Molino del Rey was fought in September 1847, during the Mexican-American War.

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How did the Texas Revolution Happen? (Part 2)

Texas Revolution Part 1 | Texas Revolution Part 2

The Texans put their protests together and presented them to president Santa Anna. When this happened, Santa Anna had Stephen Austin arrested and held for several years without a trial. Eventually he was released. Stephen Austin actually became a chairman of the Committee on Public Safety. However, president Santa Anna assembled an army of 8,000 soldiers in an effort to control the American Texans.

Mexican President Santa Anna

Mexican President Santa Anna, mid-1800's.

The time for battle had come, and the first major battle took place at the Alamo, the fortified mission of San Antonio. Many lives were lost on both sides there. General Sam had ordered the Alamo defenders to retreat. However, they stayed. Among them were Davy Crockett, W. B. Travis, and Jim Bowie. All the Texans there were killed, and the attackers from Mexico had 1,500 casualties.

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How did the Texas Revolution Happen?

Texas Revolution Part 1 | Texas Revolution Part 2 

The Texas Revolution, as we call it today, came about after a number of attempts from different groups of people to seize control of Texas had failed.

Stephen Austin / Texas Revolution

Stephen Austin, in a 1833 painting, around the time that the Texas Revolution began.

At one time, Texas belonged to Spain. Then, it belonged to Mexico. However, the Comanche and Apache Native American nations were the true rulers of Texas at that time. There were small towns that comprised of churches and small stores, although the territory was very hostile. Continue reading

What is Global Warming?

What is "Global Warming?"

The increasing amount of human-made GHG's, through the burning of fossil fuels, is more than the delicate balance of nature is able to absorb.

Fact Frenzy answers the question: “What is Global Warming?”

The term “global warming” refers to the rising of the average temperature of the earth. More specifically, research has shown rising temperatures near the earth’s surface, bodies of water, and atmosphere. Continue reading

What is “Foreclosure?”

What does "Foreclosure" mean?

What is "Foreclosure?"

If you own a home, or have ever dreamed of buying your own home, it’s important to know the facts regarding the consequences of getting behind with your mortgage payments. Fact Frenzy offers an explanation about one thing you should avoid — what the banks and lending institutions call “foreclosure”. Continue reading

What is a Domain Name?

What is a Domain Name?

Domain names can be words, letters, numbers or phrases that are followed by ".com", ".net", ".org", or some other extension.

Fact Frenzy takes on the question: “What is a Domain Name?”

If you’re considering starting a website, probably the first — and most important — thing to consider is a domain name.

We’ll focus on 2 things: what is a domain name, and how it works. Continue reading

The Americans. McDougal Littell – ISBN 0-618-68985-0

The Americans – McDougal Littell – ISBN 0-618-68985-0

The Americans – McDougal Littell – ISBN 0-618-68985-0

The Americans

McDougal Littell – ISBN 0-618-68985-0

The Americans is a popular text book used in education for teaching United States history.  Readers and students learn critical thinking and how to think reflectively on the historical events that helped shape America. This unbiased text tells the story of America from many different perspectives, featuring photographs and in-depth narratives of notable individuals. Continue reading