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Facts About Photosynthesis

“Photosynthesis” is the name for the way plants make their own food. They only use three ingredients — water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide. In the food chain, humans and animals are called “consumers” because our food comes from plants or other animals. But plants and algae are called “producers,” because they make their own food through …

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Cool Millipede Facts!

Millipedes can be great as pets at home, or in the school classroom for kids. Keeping live millipedes in habitats can be an exciting and fun classroom science project. Learning about millipedes provides a fun learning challenge for students learning about the environment. Here are some cool millipede facts to get you started!

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What is the Freezing Point of Water?

Do you know what the “freezing point” of water is? Fact Frenzy brings you this article that explains the temperatures that make liquid water and water vapor freeze, and the difference in temperature scales.

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