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What is Global Warming?

What is "Global Warming?"

The increasing amount of human-made GHG’s, through the burning of fossil fuels, is more than the delicate balance of nature is able to absorb.

Fact Frenzy answers the question: “What is Global Warming?”

The term “global warming” refers to the rising of the average temperature of the earth. More specifically, research has shown rising temperatures near the earth’s surface, bodies of water, and atmosphere. “Global warming” does not refer to any change in the earth’s core, or mantle.

The phenomenon of global warming is sometimes referred to as climate change. Global warming, in the context that is used today, specifically points to the acceleration of the average rising temperature of the earth since the industrial age.

One cause of global warming is directly linked to the rise in greenhouse gases (GHG). The presence or lack of greenhouse gases has a direct impact of the climate of a planet. This impact is called the “greenhouse effect”.

For example, the more greenhouse gases that are present in an atmosphere, the higher the average temperature of the surface and atmosphere will be. The fewer the greenhouse gases, the lower the temperature.

Climate changes and global warming can occur both through natural means, such as a planet’s relative position to the sun, and as a result of human activity, such as the rapid creation of GHG emissions. Both can present a threat to human existence, or a planet’s ability to sustain life.

The trend of global warming that is presently being studied, which began around the time of the industrial age, is linked to human-made GHG emissions. The increasing amount of GHG emissions that are created each year, through the burning of fossil fuels, are more than the delicate balance of nature is able to absorb.

This offset of the cycle of the natural presence of GHG, and its natural absorption, has created what we know today as global warming.

– Fact Frenzy

Sources: National Geographic

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