Month: March 2021

Fact Frenzy - Fun Facts About Dinosaurs 1

Fun Facts About Dinosaurs

Fun Facts About Dinosaurs! The largest known dinosaur to have ever existed was the Argentinosaurus. It gets its name because it was discovered in Argentina. It lived 90 million years ago. It was 30 meters long and weighed as much as a dozen elephants. Planet earth had dinosaurs for 180 million years. The lifespan of dinosaurs varied by species. Some only lived for a few years, while others could live…

Fact Frenzy - Freezing Point of Water

What is the Freezing Point of Water?

Defining the Freezing Point of Water: A Closer Look Although it may seem like a straightforward query, understanding the freezing point of water requires a deeper examination of the processes and factors involved. In this article, we’ll explore the melting and freezing points of water, the phenomenon of supercooling, and the history of temperature measurement. By the end, you’ll have a more comprehensive understanding of this seemingly simple topic. Dual…