Albert Einstein: A Life of Genius

ISBN 1553373979

Written by Elizabeth MacLeod, Copyright 2003

Albert Einstein A Life of Genius - ISBN 1553373979Albert Einstein: A Life of Genius is a short, biographical book containing fascinating facts about the world’s most famous physicist.

This book may be targeted to a younger audience, but its illustrated and easy-to-read format makes it appealing to all ages.

Within its mere 32 pages, readers can learn much about the life of Albert Einstein, ranging from his childhood, his early years working as a patent officer, his family life, leading up to the accomplishments that catapulted him to world-renown.

Though it does not provide an in-depth look into his discoveries in physics, it does provide an overview and summary of each step during his career as a physicist, and an introduction to some of his theories that influenced the world at large.

Albert Einstein: A Life of Genius offers plenty of photographs and illustrations on every page. Every page is its own section that guides the reader through a short chronological stroll through Einstein’s life.

The final pages of the book displays an “at a glance look, highlighting key moments in a time-line format.

Publisher: Kids Can Press

32 Pages