Fun Facts About Me!

Fun Facts About Me!Ready for a fun activity? Let’s start with a few questions…

What does the world know about you? What do you know about yourself? How does the world see you? How do you see yourself?

How do you feel about yourself?

Asking yourself these questions can be an important part of having great health. Thinking of ourselves in a positive, healthy way improves our self esteem. Having a healthy self-image is an important part of our mental health, which in turns affects our total health. (See also, Facts About the Health Triangle )

Healthy self-respect is also noticeable by others. It adds to our confidence, and our interactions with others in responsible ways. In order to really like or respect other people — whether they are our co-workers, our friends or family, or classmates in school, the first place to start is with liking and respecting ourselves. If we can like and respect ourselves in a healthy way, chances are others will too.

Too often, people can become critical of themselves. Feelings of self-doubt or self-deprecation can affect our performance, our social interactions, and our overall well-being. Sometimes, with people who are depressed, messages of what they don’t like about themselves can become central in their thoughts.

The good news is, there are things we can do to mentally feel good about ourselves. Instead of bombarding our own thoughts with negative or critical messages, we can intentionally focus on the positive. Spending more time focusing our thoughts on good things that we like about ourselves elevates our health, productivity, relationships — all this and more just by changing the way our brains view ourselves.

We’ve created two printable PDF activity pages called, “Fun Facts About Me.” One is for adults and older students, and the other a fun activity for younger kids.

Who are these for?

They can be used by individuals, groups, work teams, or classrooms. For individuals, the main idea is to list three things you like about yourself every day for several weeks. This is especially helpful if you have been feeling down, depressed, or self-critical. Training your mind to look at three things you like about yourself on a daily basis creates a powerful, positive impact in the way you view yourself and the world. It’s important to be as current and specific as possible. For example, instead of just saying “I’m a good cook,” one could say “I made an impressive veggie pizza to share with my friends today.”

For groups, teams, or classrooms, these printable sheets can be used as ice-breakers, or introductions for people or classmates to get to know each other.  Some people like to brag about themselves, while others might need a little coaxing — perhaps they’re not accustomed to talking about themselves in a positive light. So, the activity does two things. It helps people learn new fun facts about each other, while giving the speaker the opportunity to share “fun facts about me” — fostering a healthy sense of pride and accomplishment.

What a great way to boost morale!

Fun Facts About Me Activity Page .pdf

The first “Fun Facts About Me” page for adults and older students contains directions, and an area for participants to write each fun fact.

Fun Facts About Me KIDS Activity Page .pdf

The second, “Fun Facts About Me” kids activity page is for younger people to draw and color three things they like about themselves. When finished, each student can take turns telling the rest of the group what they drew, and why they like that fun fact about themselves.

Even if you’re not part of a group, team, or classroom, we hope you’ll still take the time every day to think positive about yourself, and list a few items that are “Fun Facts About me.”

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