Fact Frenzy- The Americans McDougal Littell – ISBN 0-618-68985-0The Americans

McDougal Littell – ISBN 0-618-68985-0

The Americans is a popular text book used in education for teaching United States history. Readers and students learn critical thinking and how to think reflectively on the historical events that helped shape America. This unbiased text tells the story of America from many different perspectives, featuring photographs and in-depth narratives of notable individuals.

The reader is led to understand the significance of historical events and to comprehend America’s diverse time line in context. There are many features in The Americans that help the reader to learn about America’s historical background, such as charts, graphs, time lines, study questions, and more. This book contains an abundance of facts about geography, facts about presidents, facts about states, atlases, economics, and skill-building exercises, to name a few.

The Americans contains 34 chapters, and each are divided into nine units which are as follows:

Unit 1: American Beginnings to 1783
Unit 2: A New Nation
Unit 3: An Era of Growth and Disunion
Unit 4: Migration and Industrialization
Unit 5: Modern America Emerges
Unit 6: The 1920s and the Great Depression
Unit 7: World War II and Its Aftermath
Unit 8: Living with Great Turmoil
Unit 9: Passage to a New Century