The World’s Funniest Store Names

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The worlds funniest business names

The Art of Punny Business: A Look at the World’s Wittiest Store Names

Lights, camera, traction! In a world where first impressions matter, small businesses are going the extra mile to craft punny and memorable store names. These clever monikers not only showcase their sense of humor but also generate buzz, making them the talk of the town. Here are five of the wittiest and punniest store names from around the globe.

  1. Curl Up and Dye (Various Locations, United States)

Curl Up and Dye is a popular name for hair salons across the United States. This fun play on words combines the classic saying “curl up and die” with a hair-related twist. The name has been used by hair salons in various states, including Michigan, Texas, and North Carolina (Kaplan, 2017).

  1. Thai Tanic (Washington D.C., United States)

This cleverly-named Thai restaurant in Washington D.C. pays homage to the ill-fated Titanic ship. Combining “Thai” with “Titanic,” the restaurant delivers an unforgettable name that captures both the theme and the cuisine (Fodor’s Travel Guides, 2019).

  1. The Codfather (Cape Town, South Africa)

The Codfather, a seafood restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa, gets its inspiration from the classic film The Godfather. This cheeky play on words not only pays tribute to the film but also gives a nod to the delicious cod dishes they serve (Williams, 2016).

  1. Brewed Awakening (Various Locations, Canada)

Canadians love their coffee, and Brewed Awakening is a chain of coffee shops that capitalizes on this affection. With a name inspired by the phrase “rude awakening,” these coffee shops are sure to give patrons a chuckle, along with a caffeine kick (Kelly, 2015).

  1. Planet of the Grapes (London, United Kingdom)

This clever wine bar and shop in London, United Kingdom, puts a boozy spin on the classic science fiction franchise, Planet of the Apes. With a name like Planet of the Grapes, customers know they’re in for a fun, out-of-this-world wine experience (VinePair, 2016).

  1. Sam & Ella’s Chicken Palace (Tahlequah, Oklahoma, United States)

Sam & Ella’s Chicken Palace in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, serves up a delectable array of chicken dishes with a side of humor. The name is a playful twist on the term “salmonella,” a type of foodborne illness often associated with poultry. Despite the seemingly risky wordplay, Sam & Ella’s has become a local favorite, proving that humor can work wonders in the food industry (Kaplan, 2017).

  1. Tequila Mockingbird (Ocean City, Maryland, United States)

Tequila Mockingbird is a Mexican restaurant and bar located in Ocean City, Maryland. Their name creatively merges the classic novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” with the popular Mexican liquor, tequila. This delightful pun sets the tone for a lighthearted dining experience, complete with delicious Mexican fare and refreshing cocktails (Fodor’s Travel Guides, 2019).

  1. Sole Man (New York, United States)

Sole Man, a shoe repair shop in New York, brings a touch of humor to the business of fixing footwear. Playing on the dual meaning of “sole” as both a part of a shoe and a solitary individual, this punny name adds a bit of levity to an otherwise ordinary service (Williams, 2016).

  1. Grate Expectations (United Kingdom)

Grate Expectations, a fireplace and stove showroom based in the United Kingdom, embraces a literary pun by riffing on the title of Charles Dickens’ classic novel, “Great Expectations.” This clever name adds warmth and wit to a business that specializes in bringing cozy vibes to homes (Kelly, 2015).

  1. Wok This Way (Various Locations, United States)

Wok This Way is a popular name for Chinese takeout restaurants across the United States. The moniker humorously combines the cooking method using a “wok” with the title of the famous Aerosmith song, “Walk This Way.” This catchy name not only brings a smile to customers’ faces but also leaves them humming a classic tune while enjoying their meal (Kaplan, 2017).

  1. Florist Gump (Australia)

Florist Gump, a delightful flower shop in Australia, cleverly combines the name of the iconic film “Forrest Gump” with their floral offerings. This creative play on words adds a touch of whimsy to the business and leaves customers with a memorable impression while shopping for beautiful bouquets (Kelly, 2015).

  1. Spruce Willis (United Kingdom)

Spruce Willis, a Christmas tree delivery service in the United Kingdom, brings holiday cheer with a pun inspired by action star Bruce Willis. This clever name not only captures the festive spirit but also appeals to movie buffs who appreciate the witty reference (Williams, 2016).

  1. Bread Zeppelin (United States)

Bread Zeppelin, a bakery in the United States, embraces the power of wordplay with a name inspired by the legendary rock band Led Zeppelin. By pairing their freshly baked goods with a classic rock twist, this bakery entices customers to indulge in tasty treats while reminiscing about iconic tunes (Kaplan, 2017).

  1. Pane in the Glass (Various Locations, United States)

Pane in the Glass, a popular name for window cleaning and glass repair businesses, humorously plays on the saying “pain in the [neck].” This amusing moniker lightens up the service industry while highlighting their specialty in glasswork (Kaplan, 2017).

  1. A Salt & Battery (New York, United States)

A Salt & Battery, a fish and chips shop in New York City, creatively combines a pun on the legal term “assault and battery” with the culinary practice of seasoning and frying fish. This catchy name not only showcases the restaurant’s unique sense of humor but also alludes to the traditional British dish they serve (Kelly, 2015).

  1. The Merchant of Tennis (Toronto, Canada)

The Merchant of Tennis, a tennis equipment store in Toronto, Canada, cleverly incorporates a Shakespearean twist by alluding to “The Merchant of Venice.” This inventive name appeals to both tennis enthusiasts and literature buffs, adding a touch of sophistication to the world of sports retail (Kelly, 2015).

  1. Jack the Clipper (London, United Kingdom)

Jack the Clipper, a barbershop in London, creates a memorable experience by combining the infamous Jack the Ripper with hair clippers. This darkly humorous name lends an air of intrigue to the barbershop while showcasing the owners’ creative flair (Williams, 2016).

  1. Knit Wit (Various Locations, United States)

Knit Wit, a name used by several yarn and knitting supply stores across the United States, playfully combines the term “knit” with “nitwit,” a lighthearted term for a silly or foolish person. This charming name adds a touch of fun to the world of knitting and crafting, while also attracting customers who appreciate a good pun (Kaplan, 2017).

  1. Pita Pan (New York, United States)

Pita Pan, a Mediterranean eatery in New York City, cleverly blends the name of the famous character Peter Pan with their pita-based dishes. This imaginative name not only highlights the restaurant’s cuisine but also invites diners to experience a culinary adventure in Neverland (Kelly, 2015).

  1. Sip’s The Wine Store (United States)

Sip’s The Wine Store, a wine retailer in the United States, adds a touch of humor to their name by playing on the word “sips” and the classic phrase “ships ahoy.” The pun alludes to the nautical theme of ships and the act of sipping wine, creating a memorable and entertaining name that wine lovers are sure to appreciate (VinePair, 2016).

From hair salons to coffee shops, these punny business names showcase their owners’ creativity and wit. It just goes to show that sometimes, a little wordplay can make a big impact.

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