First Halloween on Friday the 13th in 666 years?

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First Halloween on Friday the 13th in 666 years

Debunking the Myth: Halloween on Friday the 13th in 666 Years?


Dispelling the Hoax

A popular meme circulating on the internet has sparked curiosity and confusion, claiming, “This is the first time in 666 years that Halloween falls on a Friday the 13th!” However, this statement is entirely false and serves as a gullibility joke. This article will debunk the myth, provide historical context on Halloween, and present accurate information on this age-old tradition.

The Truth About Halloween Dates

Halloween has consistently been celebrated on October 31st, with some early iterations ranging between October 31st and November 1st (Rogers, 2002). The assertion that Halloween could fall on Friday the 13th is inaccurate, as October 13th and October 31st are two distinct dates. A simple examination of a calendar will confirm that Halloween falls on the 31st each year.

The Origins and Age of Halloween

The claim that Halloween is 666 years old is also incorrect. Halloween’s roots can be traced back over 2,000 years to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (Rogers, 2002). Celebrated on November 1st, Samhain marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. The Celts believed that the boundary between the living and the dead became blurred during Samhain, and spirits could cross over into the world of the living (Santino, 1994).

The Catholic Church later established All Saints’ Day on November 1st and All Souls’ Day on November 2nd, incorporating and modifying some Samhain traditions (Rogers, 2002). The evening before All Saints’ Day, October 31st, became known as All Hallows’ Eve and eventually evolved into Halloween as we know it today.

Debunking the Myth

In summary, the meme stating that Halloween falls on Friday the 13th for the first time in 666 years is nothing more than a hoax. Halloween’s date remains fixed on October 31st, and its origins date back over 2,000 years, far beyond the meme’s claim of 666 years. As always, it is essential to verify the accuracy of information, especially when it comes to internet memes and viral content.

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